Complete Sales Solution

Reexia allows you to fully outsource your sales, from lead generation to closing.

Complete Sales Solution

About Sales

Sales is a complex profession that requires rigor and the ability to create and maintain a relationship of trust with your customers.

Unfortunately, many companies simply do not have the skills or the internal resources to manage their sales cycle or do so in an unoptimized way.

Working with Reexia and fully outsourcing your sales with us allows you to have an efficient approach and not miss business opportunities

What are the benefits of working with Reexia

The advantages of working with Reexia are numerous:

  • Cost-effective solution with possibility of reward on results
  • A team of professionals with years of experience in different sectors
  • Access to a CRM system allowing you to keep track of progress

What is our Complete sales solution?

Simply put, our complete sales solution takes into account all the activities your business needs to put in place to generate and manage your sales.

Our approach is of course customised for each of our clients for whom we cover:

Who are our clients and why do they work with us

Our clients are B2B businesses ranging in size from £500,000 to £55m in turnover. Most often, they offer technical and complex products or services: Industrial companies, IT development companies, Consultancy firms, etc.

Our current portfolio covers most sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Telecom, IT, Medical, Oil & Gas. Our teams have experience in all these sectors.

Our clients work with us for several reasons;

  • Have a sales team
  • To see additional resources
  • To cover part of their commercial activities (e.g. lead generation)
  • Foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in the United Kingdom or in France.
Aerospace outsourced Sales
Oil&Gas outsourced Sales
IT outsourced Sales
Telecom outsourced Sales

Want to learn more about our Complete Sales Solution?

Contact us. We'd love to help you!

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