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B2B market research

Market research – Comprehending the nuances of your market, understanding your customers, and maximising the potential of your products and services are pivotal steps in establishing a successful sales and marketing strategy. However, we understand from the many companies seeking our expertise in business development that some lack the in-depth knowledge required to work out these parameters effectively. This is where Reexia comes in. We offer  a comprehensive market research service, enabling you to save valuable time and resources when implementing your commercial strategy.

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What sets Reexia apart?

With years of experience in business development catering to companies of all sizes and sectors, there is very little we have not encountered when it comes to developing and executing sales and marketing strategies. Our vast expertise has allowed us to define a clear and effective process for conducting market research. Through our methodology, we delve into your market as a whole, exploring aspects such as your products, pricing, and competition. We seek to understand the suitability of your products and services, identify your unique selling propositions (USPs), assess the competitiveness of your pricing, and gain insights into your competitors and their customer acquisition strategies. Armed with this information, we can provide valuable guidance to help you implement your strategy successfully.

In addition to our comprehensive market research capabilities, we have also forged strategic partnerships that enable us to verify regulatory aspects that may come into play, such as taxes or export logistics. This ensures that all relevant factors are considered in shaping your business strategy.

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Demystifying B2B Market Research

Market research is typically categorised into three main types: quantitative research, qualitative research, and desk research. Quantitative research involves collecting data from a sufficiently large sample of your target market to gain insights into the market as a whole. This type of research is commonly carried out through surveys. On the other hand, qualitative research allows us to truly understand the motivations and behaviours of the market, providing us with stories and reasons that can inform the development of effective campaigns and business strategies. Lastly, desk research involves searching for existing relevant statistics and data to support the objectives and narrative of a specific project. This method is often the most direct and cost-effective way to commence market research, given the wealth of official sources containing vast amounts of useful data.

The Unique Considerations of B2B Markets

B2B markets, with their narrower customer base compared to B2C markets, present unique challenges in constructing representative samples. Additionally, the complex and multifaceted nature of B2B offerings necessitates deeper exploration of functionalities and business models. Consequently, qualitative analysis is often employed more extensively in the B2B realm, complementing the data collected through official research.


Why Reexia is the Ideal Choice for Your Research Needs

Our extensive field experience equips us with a valuable understanding of the repercussions that can arise from an ill-suited pricing strategy or underestimating local competition. Quite often, preliminary market research could have prevented businesses from falling into financial distress or missing out on lucrative opportunities, thus saving them significant sums of money and time. Our teams boast this expertise, and we are passionate about utilising it to guide you effectively. Moreover, our wide-ranging experience extends to working with government agencies and international groups, granting us insights into the methodologies employed by major players in the market.

Should you choose to entrust your business development to Reexia following our research, we commit to not only providing recommendations but also implementing them on your behalf. We take pride in our hands-on approach and relish the opportunity to assist you in achieving your business goals.

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