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B2B Sales Outsourcing Solution

Do you need more than just appointments or leads?

Are you looking for sales outsourcing solutions for your business?

At Reexia, we understand that succeeding in sales requires tenacity and the ability to build lasting relationships with customers.

However, many businesses lack the necessary internal resources and expertise to effectively manage their sales cycle – that’s where we come in.

Trust us to optimise your sales strategy and fully handle your sales activities for maximum business opportunities.

Complete Sales Outsourcing Solution

Why choose us?

Our Business model offers many advantages

  • A Cost-effective solution with possibility of reward on results
  • A team of professionals with many years of experience in different sectors
  • A direct route to market
  • Access to a CRM system allowing you to keep track of progress

By your side until the sale is finalised.

In essence, our comprehensive sales solution covers every sales activity necessary to create and oversee your business’s sales. Your account will be managed by an experienced Business Development Manager who will handle the tasks outlined below:

  • Generating leads and Setting Appointments
  • Conducting follow-ups
  • Managing accounts
  • Providing after-sales support
Example of Sales Strategy

A clear lead generation strategy

As business development professionals, the strategies and methods we implement will be tailored to your specific industry, target audience, and product offerings. 

Typically, our approach will include the following components:

  • Formation of prospecting databases (targeting specific market segments)
  • Generation and organisation of leads
  • Management and assessment of potential opportunities
  • Nurturing relationships with new and existing clients
  • Offering guidance for managing other related activities, such as marketing, partnerships, and new product launches.

Our team is dedicated to collaborating with you as a separate department of your company. You can count on us to operate as valued members of your team and advise you whenever you require assistance.

Who are our clients and what motivates them to choose us as their partner?

As of today, our company’s clientele consists of B2B businesses with annual turnovers ranging from £500,000 to £55m. We have a diverse portfolio covering various industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Food and beverage, Retail, Telecom, IT & Tech, Medical and Oil & Gas, and our experienced teams have worked in all these sectors.

The primary reasons our clients choose to work with us include seeking:

  • A sales team
  • Access to additional resources,
  • Assistance in covering commercial activities such as lead generation
  • Support for entering new markets
Aerospace outsourced Sales
Oil&Gas outsourced Sales
IT outsourced Sales
Telecom outsourced Sales

Want to learn more about our B2B Sales Outsourcing Solution?

Contact us. We’d love to help you!