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B2B Appointment Setting Services

Unlock New Business Opportunities with Professional B2b Appointment Setting Services.

In B2B sales cycles, meeting new customers through discovery meetings is often a crucial step. Unfortunately, some companies lack a strategy to consistently discover new potential customers and fill up their pipeline.

Reexia offers various services to assist your business. Our knowledgeable business development experts can arrange targeted discovery meetings with potential customers, enabling you to establish valuable relationships and maintain a solid pipeline of potential business.

As technical sales experts, we utilise our expertise to comprehend your products and services, which allows us to identify and engage with potential customers, ultimately resulting in new sales opportunities for your business.

b2b Appointment setting

Why choose us?

We understand you

To start, let’s delve into the process of identifying new leads. The key to successful lead generation and appointment setting is having a thorough understanding of both your offering and your target audience. Our strategy involves collaborating closely with our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of their products and services, as well as empathising with their customers’ specific needs.

With this knowledge, are able to segment the market and create highly personalised databases that are specifically tailored to your target audience.

A tenacious but professional approach

Over time, our team has perfected a prospecting methodology that yields quantifiable and substantial outcomes. Our approach is centred around initiating communication with potential clients via a range of mediums (such as emails, Telemarketing, Linkedin, etc.), and then persistently pursuing them with follow-up. Our objective is to elicit a response and open a dialogue with the companies you are interested in.


Not all companies are created equal, and their size, experience, and target market can all impact their ability to connect with potential customers. However, whether you are a well establish industry leader or an emerging startup, we’re confident we can help you achieve your goals. With a track record of success working with business of all types and sizes, we guarantee to propel your company forward.

How do we charge for our appointment setting services?

As part of our appointment setting services, we typically provide a pricing model that consists of a fixed rate and an additional fee per qualified appointment. This option is available for both individual projects and ongoing collaboration.

Calendar and appointment setting

Let us help you generate qualified appointments

Multi-sector experience

Aerospace, Automotive, IT, retail, food & dairy, we have experience in most sectors.

B2B qualified appointments

The appointments we arrange are determined by a well-defined set of criteria that we have carefully established with you.

Shared CRM

You have access to our shared CRM system, which enables us to share our activity and progress.

Do you need more than just appointments?

Reexia is a renowned Business Development Agency that specialises in assisting clients from diverse industries in boosting and overseeing their sales. Whatever you need to grow your company, Reexia can help you.


B2B Telemarketing

Our team of skilled telemarketers will professionally represent your business, reaching out to key decision-makers directly to uncover valuable opportunities.

B2B Email Marketing

Take a comprehensive approach to your lead generation strategy and leverage automation to maximise results.

Are you interested in learning more about our Appointment Setting Solutions?

Contact us. We’d love to hear from you!