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Sales & Business Development Agency

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Market Research

Do you require strategic information about your market?  Our market research service enables you to determine your pricing strategy, verify relevant regulations in your industry, analyse your competition and plan your overall strategy.


Looking for new Business opportunities? The Reexia Business Development team is ready to assist you. As a leading Sales abd Business Development Agency, we specialise in B2B technical Sales, helping clients expand their customer bases and grow their businesses.

Lead Generation

Is your company focused on a particular niche or technical sector? Lead generation is often a challenge for sales teams, with many salespeople disliking the process. At Reexia, our team excels at identifying the correct target audience and engaging with them in a manner that sparks interest.

· Accelerate your business growth ·

As a leading Business Development Agency, Reexia is committed to helping you grow your business efficiently and effectively. We understand that every company is unique, which is why we offer fully customised solutions to meet your needs.

Our services include developing a solid lead generation strategy, implementing effective prospecting campaigns and providing you with a reliable sales force. With our outsourced team, you’ll have access to the support you need while still maintaining the flexibility and personal touch of an internal team.

Choose Reexia for your business development needs and experience the benefit of working with a dedicated and results-driven agency.

Proven results

Your Trusted Partner for Business Development.

Our B2B Business Development Agency boasts extensive experience in the French and UK markets. We invest our efforts in your growth and position our agency as your trusted partner. With our measurable and cost-effective services, we find real opportunities to grow your company.

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We are different

Reexia is a versatile business development agency that offers tailor-made solutions to help you grow your business. We provide various levels of support, from establishing a local presence in France or the UK, Lead generation to complete sales and marketing management. 

No risks

Save time and ressources with Reexia – our business development agency operates seamlessly under your company’s umbrella, allowing you to avoid the hassle of building a new sales and marketing structure, having to hire and manage staff.


As an experienced partner in prominent industries including Aerospace, Automotive, SaaS, Retail and many others, confidentiality is key to our organisation.  We have policies in place to ensure our staff prioritises the best interest of our clients.

Our Latest Insights.

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Our latest customer feedback

Here are some examples of what our customers say about/to us. 

"Reexia helped us generate new opportunities and initiate our market expansion in the UK.
We are satisfied with the result of the campaign."

Yady Alvarado - TKF France (September 2022)

“We worked on the basis that a French customer deserves a French-Speaking representative, particularly in the early stages of the relationship and Reexia helped us develop our business with one of our main French accounts”.

CEO - Aerospace industry (May 2021)

"Very pleased with how things are progressing and look forward to catching up with the team soon"

Managing Director - Moulding industry (June 2021)

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