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Sales outsourcing

“The right buyer, the right approach and at the right time” 

Looking for a way to uncover and grow your business prospects?

Reexia, a specialised agency in B2B technical sales, can provide you with a skilled sales team to a skilled sales team to achieve your goals.

Sales Outsourcing

Sales Outsourcing Success

What is sales outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing can serve as an effective solution to bolster business growth without the risk of hiring and managing employees. It allows you to capitalise on business opportunities by utilising the surplus capacity of outsourced sales teams.

Looking through a purely commercial lens, sales outsourcing enables you penetrate new markets, support the launch of new products and services, and even expand your distribution network.

Our sales outsourcing services are strategic components of Business Development plans, facilitating business growth and increased sales.

From lead generation to sales closure, our team operates as an extension of your organisation. With our diverse business skills and time management capabilities, we bring added value to your team.

We specialise in B2B technical sales and operate from our offices located in the UK and France.

Is sales outsourcing a solution for your business?

Companies looking to grow their business can benefit greatly from outsourcing their sales. There are several advantages to this approach, and three key characteristics tend tend to be common among businesses that choose to outsource their sales:

  • they know their target customers and why they work with them
  • they have a sales process (more or less clear)
  • their products or services have a clear USP or a competitive advantage

If your company is a start-up and you haven’t defined your target market or have a clear sales process in place, outsourcing your sales to a business development agency can help your company mature. However, it may be more challenging to measure the success of the the approach in terms of sales revenue or KPIs.

Advantages of outsourcing your sales operations with Reexia

As your trusted Business Development partner, we strive to support you in implementing your commercial strategy and provide you with access to our team’s wealth of experience. Our Business Development Managers work on your behalf with the same level of professionalism as an internal team to achieve your sales goals.

We specialise in the French and UK markets and with our expertise and your industry knowledge, we have everything we need to ensure successful growth for your business.

Our local presence allows us to respond quickly and easily to request from your customers, build long-term relationships, and maximise your sales.

By partnering with Reexia, you can focus on your business operations while exploring new possibilities. Our service eliminates the need to hire specialised staff or invest in a complete sales infrastructure.

Our team provides the same level or professionalism and commitment as an internal team, with the added agility and adaptability of a partner.

We offer a unique value proposition that reduces the risks of traditional expansion strategies while opening up new avenues for growth.

We strive to work with our clients in a flexible manner that suits their needs. Our agreement allows for termination by either party with just one month’s notice.

Sales outsourcing

Sales outsourcing made simple

B2B Appointment Setting

Are you looking to generate more qualified appointment to present your products and services to new prospects?

We can help you

B2B Telemarketing

Engage in live conversations with your prospects to establish a genuine connection and build rapport.


B2B Full Sales Cycle Management

Whether you are working on an export strategy or simply looking for an outsourced sales teams, our bespoke and comprehensive B2B sales solution will meet your needs.

What are the costs ?

Our outsourced Business Development Office‘s success hinges on the active participation of our clients in developing their commercial strategy. For this reason, we select our clients and exclusively collaborate with organisations fully committed to the development of their business.

We offer two options for our outsourced sales service:

  • Retainer + success fee: This options for ongoing campaigns, offers an incentive in a way that will ultimately benefit your company while keeping our monthly fee as low as possible.
  • Project-based: With this option, you can develop your sales strategy without having to commit to a reward structure. Ideal if you would like to test the market or even supplement a market research with real feedback from potential customers.


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