Sales outsourcing

Need a sales team to find and develop new business opportunities?

Reexia is a Business development agency specialising in B2b technical sales.

Sales Outsourcing

What is sales outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing is a solution to support the growth of your business without having to bear the risk of hiring and managing employees. This allows you to take advantage of business opportunities using the extra capacity of outsourced sales teams.

From a purely commercial point of view, sales outsourcing makes it possible to target new markets, support new product or service rollouts or even develop distribution networks.

Our sales outsourcing services are part of a Business Development strategy and help you grow your business and increase your sales:

From lead generation to closing sales, our team operates as part your organisation. We are an extension of our clients’ teams, bringing the business skills and time they may not have.

We are expert in B2B technical sales and have offices in UK and France.

Advantages of outsourcing your sales operations with Reexia

We want to position ourselves as your trusted Business Development partner. To achieve this, we support you in the implementation of your commercial strategy and give you access to the experience of our Team. Our Business Development Managers will operate on your behalf with the same professionalism as an internal team.

Specialists in the French and UK markets:

With your knowledge of your industry and our expertise, we have everything we need to grow your sales successfully.

Our local footprint allows us to respond to the requests of your French and UK customers with reactivity and simplicity, in their mother tongue. We strive to improve the experience of your overseas clients and allow you to build long-term relationships and maximize your sales.

With REEXIA’s support, your company has a local presence to manage your French and UK clients, actively prospect and follow up on opportunities in order to develop your business.

REEXIA allows you to devote your time and resources to running your business while giving you access to New opportunities in France and the UK.

With REEXIA, it is no longer necessary to hire specialist staff and invest in a full sales structure. We are here to offer the professionalism and dedication of an internal team with the flexibility and responsiveness of a partner.

Our value proposition is to bring you new growth opportunities while reducing the risks associated with a standard expansion strategy.

We work with our clients as flexibly as possible. Our contract can be terminated by either party with only one month’s notice.

Sales outsourcing

Sales outsourcing made simple

1. We consult with you to identify market opportunities for your products or services and help you define the best strategy to adopt.

2. One of our Sales Representatives is assigned to your company. To ensure maximum performance, we encourage your team to share as much information as possible during the onboarding process.

3. The salesperson will act as your representative in the target territory. He/she will provide efforts in line with your commercial approach. This includes – active prospecting, follow-ups and answering the phone.

What will we do?

Our team is made up of Business Development Managers. Although the nature of the support we provide will vary depending on your business, in most cases Your Assigned Business Development Manager will perform the following tasks:

  • Creation of prospecting lists
  • Lead generation by emails or cold calls
  • Development and monitoring of opportunities in target markets
  • Relationship development (With your new and existing customers)
  • Advice and management of additional activities for the development of your structure (Marketing, Partnerships, new products etc.)

Your assigned Business Development Manager will be like a member of your team. They are there to advise you and work with you when you need it.


Example of Sales Strategy

What are the costs ?

The success of our efforts as an outsourced Business Development Office depends on the involvement of our customers in the commercial strategy. For this reason, we only work with companies that are 100% committed to their business development.

We offer two options for our sales outsourcing service:

  • Low retainer + commissions – ongoing prospecting activities in line with your commercial strategy.
  • Project based – develop your sales strategy without committing to a commission scheme – test the market or even supplement your market research with actual feedback from potential customers.


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