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Business Development Services in France and the United Kingdom.

Business Development Services

Accelerate your growth

Our Business Development Services are designed to accelerate the growth of your business with the help of an external team. With our offices in France and the UK, Reexia can help you manage your clients and find new opportunities for your business.

What is Business Development?

Business development refers to activities related to growing a company. It's often misinterpreted for sales, which is objectively just one of many business development strategies to deploy when looking to grow a business.

As a business development office in the UK and France, we make plans to ensure we identify and pursue strategic opportunities for our clients. This means nurturing existing relationships, finding new customers, and pairing the right lead generation strategy with a solid business approach for your products and services.

Business Development Services

Our Business Development Services

At Reexia, we understand that hiring and managing a commercial team requires robust organisation and significant funds.

That's why we help our clients grow their businesses without having to incur the risks associated with hiring staff.

In practice, our activities are grouped into 3 main categories :

Why is REEXIA different?

Reexia is a young business development agency focused on technical and international sectors. We are particularly interested in ambitious companies with long sales cycles and complex processes.

Our strength lies in the technical skills of our business development managers who bring their experience in many industries and help you coordinate the various elements necessary to increase your sales: sales, marketing, customer service.

We have offices in France and the United Kingdom which makes us particularly efficient in these two territories.

Finally, we pay great attention to the companies with which we work and offer to share with them investments related to business development through a structure based in part on commissions.

Whether you are looking to export, want a little help in a certain part of your strategy or want be represented through our local business offices, we have a solution for you.

Offices in France and UK

Do you have a specific need?

REEXIA has developed a strong network of sub-contractors and can help you in case you have a very specific requirement such as :

  • Local regulations and laws
  • Logistics
  • Accounts and book keeping
  • Copyright Requirements

Tell us about your project, we will be happy to advise you.

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