Expand your Business globally.

Reexia is a Business Development Firm.

Grow your business in France and the UK

Every company is unique. That’s why our Business Development Solution is fully tailored to your needs.

We look after your clients in their native language and actively prospect for new opportunities

We promote your business in France and in the UK and make your website visible to new prospects

We ensure a smooth working relationship with your clients and assure  that the language and culture won’t be a barrier.

Make it easy for your foreign customers to call you and don’t miss an opportunity by having a local telephone number.

Expand your Business


Reexia’s services will help you build your optimal solution to grow your business to its full capacity in France and or in the UK. From simply establishing a local presence via our virtual receptionist service to a complete Business Development office including Sales and Marketing, we have everything you need.

No risks


With Reexia, you can benefit from a fully operational Business development office operating under your name without having to build one from scratch. No need to create a structure,  to hire staff, or deal with local company regulations with our turn-key solution.

We value your


From our experience in major industries such as Aerospace, we’ve made confidentiality a central piece in our organisation. We have implemented policies to ensure our staff operates in the best interest of our clients and strict respect for confidentiality.