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Why you should consider Telemarketing for Lead Generation.

More and more companies are embracing telemarketing for their B2B lead generation efforts. In a saturated market with overwhelming marketing strategies, businesses are seeking ways to stand out and engage potential buyers by initiating direct, personalised interactions to foster strong future relationships.

Why Telemarketing for B2B Lead Generation?

Here’s a short case study to illustrate:

Recently, we collaborated with a tech company that had an exceptional product and significant market potential. Previously, they had relied solely on PPC, email marketing, and LinkedIn outreach for their marketing strategy, which unfortunately did not yield the desired results. Fortunately, they reached out to us for help.

From the very first day, we were able to secure qualified appointments and surpassed the initial expectations by 50% by the end of the campaign. The key factors contributing to our success were the company’s niche offering that addressed a pressing pain point and the wealth of data available in their broad target market.

Even after nearly 8 months, we continue to provide qualified appointments, and the company has reported a notable return on investment. This case demonstrates the effectiveness of telemarketing as a lead generation tool that should not be underestimated. It remains one of the most effective strategies for consistently fuelling sales pipelines.

Despite its proven success, many businesses overlook telemarketing due to common misconceptions.

Here are 4 of the most common telemarketing misconceptions:

1. Complexity of product or services:

Telemarketers do not need to be experts in the intricate details of your offerings; they excel at setting qualified appointments even for complex consultancy services.

2. Perception of telemarketing as a scam:

Genuine telemarketing focuses on reaching out to targeted companies based on specific criteria to address their needs or pain points effectively. We don’t call the elderly to upgrade their smartphones.

The effectiveness of telemarketing hinges on engaging a receptive audience and delivering value during your calls. It is widely acknowledged that employing aggressive or dishonest tactics is ineffective.

3. They think it’s expensive:

Contrary to the belief that telemarketing is expensive, the cost per lead is often lower than other forms of advertising, with leads being highly qualified.

Outbound Telemarketing companies would usually apply one of the following pricing models:

  • Day
  • Fee per result
  • Retainer plus fee per result

4. They tried it themselves and it didn’t work:

Successful telemarketing requires skilled professionals, experience, and proper systems in place, not everyone can excel in this role.

As a business owner, I am always exploring innovative ways to promote both my business and that of our clients. When it comes to telemarketing, my view is that based on the cost of a simple pilot campaign, it is worth exploring whether this can be a viable avenue for your company. As opposed to other practices where results are often indirect or difficult to measure, there is no lie in Telemarketing – you either get the appointments (or leads) or you don’t!