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Business Development for Food and Retail

The food and retail sectors usually involve a lengthy distribution chain from the producer to customer. Various entities play crucial roles in this chain, including distributors, importers, stores, shops, independent retailers, department stores, specialist merchants, supermarkets, online retailers, and more.

To establish your position in the distribution chain, there are several factors to consider, including the nature of your business, your target market and your overall strategy.

For companies aiming to expand their reach, the typical approach is to team up with distributors or importers and leverage their network for product distribution. However, working directly with retailers is also a viable option.

Food and retail business development

Reexia helps you gets started

As a result of low product awareness or sales records, it can be challenging to find local partners, distributors, or resellers who are willing to trust you. Distributors tend to look for products in demand.

When starting on the retail route, it is necessary to create momentum and gain ground with the best partners.

There are several ways to persuade a potential business partner to work with you:

  • Highlight successes in your home market
  • Emphasise award and accolades
  • Sell or return option
  • Discounts for the initial order

Certainly, it is essential to progress methodically and make the most of opportunities as the arise.

Online retailers can also help in quickly generating sales records to then win over more established market players.

Simple example of retail chain

Effective sales strategies

Our team of experts at Reexia specialise in business development, offering personalised solutions to help you establish an effective sales strategies and build successful partnerships. 

Here’s what we can offer:

  • Thorough market analysis – we conduct comprehensive studies on opportunities and competition, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Active prospecting and lead generation – we actively seek out opportunities and pursue potential business opportunities for your company.
  • Effective customer management – we provide support in managing customer relationships to ensure long-term success

Over the years, we’ve guided numerous companies in expanding their markets and growing their business in the UK and Europe. If you are in the food or retail industry, we can help you boost your sales and generate new opportunities with the following benefit:

Industry expertise – we employ a variety of resources and tools to ensure your products get noticed, identify potential buyers, and make contact them to present your products.

Commitment to success – we are dedicated to your success, going above and beyond to give your company the best possible changes. Most of our customers are long-term clients because they see the value we bring to their companies. At Reexia, we believe in delivering results, not empty promises.

Sector Expertise

Strategic databases

Proven prospecting methodology

The majority of our customers are long term clients. We are easy to onboard, work with and deliver results.