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Business Development for Manufacturing Companies

To thrive in the manufacturing industry, it’s crucial to possess a comprehensive range of expertise and navigate the complex interworkings between sales and production.

From the initial discovery interview to final product delivery, it’s paramount to showcase your skills and maintain efficiency to retain customers and capitalise on your accomplishments.

Due to the high level of competition in the field, manufacturing businesses typically face several challenges in their quest for growth and success, whether they’re operating in specific niches or more crowded markets.

Why Reexia?

We understand your market

If you want to boost your sales, it’s crucial to identify and comprehend your market, especially your customers. Successful manufacturing companies align with their customers’ needs, market prices, quality levels, and lead-times.

At Reexia, we possess a wealth of experience working with diverse manufacturing companies such as those specialising in machining, injection moulding, and industries ranging from aerospace to medical. As such, we are able to quickly understand your organisation’s unique value proposition.

We keep ourselves updates on the industry trends

It’s equally imperative to stay abreast of your competitors’ activities, such as the level of service they provide, their prices, and other relevant information. Having precise knowledge of your key competitors will enable you to keep pace with market trends.

When collaborating with a company, we conduct in-depth industry research to make sure our commercial strategy is as efficient as possible. As your dedicated partner, we strive to serve as an extension of your internal team.

Our Lead Generation Strategies Work

Top performing manufacturing companies often have well-established sales and marketing strategies that enable them to find find prospects at different stages of the need:

  • In-market prospects: where your potential customers are actively seeking your products or services, but how can they find you?
  • Off-market prospects: where your potential customers don’t need you now but might in the future.

With targeted sales prospecting and marketing tactics, Reexia can help you enhance your sales outcomes. Our experienced business development managers have worked on many technical projects and can quickly grasp your offer, identify potential customers, and contact them in line with industry standards.