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5 Benefits of Outsourcing your Business Development

Plan your growth

Why Outsourcing your Business development?

Business Development is about generating long-term value for an organisation through its customers, markets and relationships.

For many businesses, mainly SMEs, the Business Development function is not clearly defined. This is often due to budget constraints which hamper the possibility of hiring a team dedicated to the growth strategy.

There is however, an alternative to hiring specialists – outsourcing. In this article, we share with you 5 benefits of working with an external Business Development Agency.

You Get access to a team of experts at a lower cost

The size of your business shouldn’t stop you from getting help from business development professionals, salespeople, or marketers.

An outsourced business development team will provide you with the skills you need to grow your business in line with the size of your company and within your budget.

They allow you to focus on your core activities

Let’s be honest, sales, marketing or customer-facing activities require special skills. Not everyone is cut out (or want) to be successful in these areas.

Working with an external business development office will free up your time to focus on other aspects of running your business.

They allow you to enter new markets.

Opening up to a new market is often a risk for a business and the strategy to adopt can make your entry a success or a failure.

Should you open a local office? Work with agents? How do you make sure the product is suitable to the target market?

Lots of risk involved with no guarantee of results.

By consulting an External Business Development Office like Reexia, we will share with you our opinion on your entry opportunities and provide you with a strategy for testing your offering without having to incur significant investments.

For example, many of our clients ask us to prospect manually to validate the presence of a need, test the market response and verify the state of the competition before implementing a global strategy.

Some offer work on your behalf

At Reexia, we work on behalf of our clients. We ask them to assign an email address to each of our employees involved in the project, open a dedicated VoIP line (if necessary – for new territories), and use a shared CRM system.

We operate in such a way that your customers see no difference with your internal employees.

They bring real dynamics to your growth.

How do you generate new Business? Word of mouth… Through historical clients…

Now imagine having a team with whom you could plan your lead generation, marketing activities, identification and development of key accounts, all with key metrics allowing you to track progress?

An External Business Development team will allow you to organise your growth activities effectively.

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