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The Ultimate Guide to Outsourced Sales – Why Outsource Sales?

The Ultimate Guide to Outsourced Sales

Outsourced Sales

In an increasingly competitive business world where resources are becoming more and more expensive, companies are adapting their growth strategy to remain visible in their market.

Among the various levers available, the option of outsourcing is becoming more and more attractive for companies. In this guide, we cover how to outsource sales.

In short, outsourcing sales is a strategy that works, period. Companies of all sizes, from start-ups to multinationals, base all or part of their sales process on outsourcing.

That said, not all companies are equal in their ability to delegate their Sales activities and it is important that you are prepared before outsourcing your sales to maximize your chances of success.

  • Is your sales strategy proven? if not, which agency can support you in creating your strategy?
  • Does the agency have the necessary knowledge of the market?
  • Are the rates attractive?

What is Sales Outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing refers to a company that outsources all or part of its sales process to specialised individuals or independent companies. The goal is to get access to the necessary resources to help the company increase its sales and sustain its growth.

What can influence the results of your outsourced sales strategy?

Any business can outsource at least part of its sales, but its ability to generate a positive return on investment (ROI) will depend on several factors:

Your business

Many startups see sales outsourcing as a cost-effective and less risky alternative to hiring staff. However, you should not rush without research.

Often, the first years of a company’s existence allow it to discover its market, to refine its offer but also to know its potential customers. Thinking that your product is flawless and that a sales professional will make you rich is often counterintuitive. That said, working with an agency will help you progress faster, but it’s important not to expect unrealistic financial results if you don’t already have a track record.

In our experience, the companies that get the most (financial) results from outsourcing sales have the following characteristics:

  • They have experience in their market
  • They clearly know what they are looking for
  • They know their customers and why they buy
  • They have realistic expectations
  • They have a more or less clear sales process

The agency

Of course, the agency is also a factor that will influence outsourcing performance.

  • Does the agency have a clear process (e.g. for lead generation)? Prioritise choosing an agency that clearly knows how to help you and has statistics to demonstrate its performance
  • Does the agency have experience in your market? Experience + process = predictable results. Experience is particularly important to properly identify the targets, understand the interest of working with your company and know how to address the customer.

When does it make sense to outsource sales?

The most direct answer is when your business is ready to fully commit to it. If the rest of your business, including the technical department or your management, is not fully involved, the agency’s efforts will most likely fail.

Good Reasons to outsource your sales

  • Your salespeople lack time to consistently prospect
  • You are looking to enter a new market
  • You want to challenge your teams
  • You have a new product or service that you want to promote
  • You need help to develop and optimise your sales process

Bad reasons to outsource your sales

  • You’re just getting started – unless your intention is to gain experience working with sales professionals (which is a good reason), you as a business owner need some level of understanding of your market.
  • You have the intention to sit in the passenger seat and wait for the results to come – business development is a team game; an agency will need you involved

The Dos and Don’ts of Outsourcing Sales

Do – Take an active role; collaborative work is the most effective,

Do – Set your expectations and make sure the partner you are looking to hire agrees with them

Do – Ensure all support functions are in line with your sales strategy

Do – Make sure you have the right supporting documents (brochures or presentations)

DoContact us – If you are looking for a sales outsourcing company to help you with your sales, we are experts in sales outsourcing and business development.

Don’t – Expect immediate results; sales and business development take time

Don’t – Have unrealistic expectations

Don’t – Look for a basic call centre, sales in today’s world are more than just meaningless calls. A business development agency like Reexia understands how sales works.

Don’t – Panic and change strategy overnight. Again, a process takes time to generate tangible results. Changing strategies all the time means going back to square 1 again and again.

Don’t – Be too directive. It’s important that while providing a clear directions, you also give the agency the leeway it needs to perform its best.