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B2B APPOINTMENT SETTING: What is it and why does it matter?

What's appointment setting

What is b2b appointment setting

B2B appointment setting is a lead generation strategy where appointment setters contact potential buyers (targets), introduce their products or services and schedule sales appointments between the company they represent and the potential customer. During the appointment, members of your inside sales team have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with a key decision maker and explore how your business might be the solution to the challenges they face.

Why outsource appointment settings?

Keeping your pipeline active with a steady flow of leads is essential to the sustainability of your sales process. If you fail to generate enough initial leads, your revenue will be affected in the long run.

More and more companies work with external companies to generate B2B appointments for their sales teams and find it to be an interesting strategy in terms of return on investment. here’s why

In a B2B sales process, discovery meetings are often the first step to understanding your prospects’ needs and finding out how your solution can help them. It’s also a difficult step for many sales professionals, regardless of their level of experience, and one that requires special skills and perseverance.

Using a business development agency for B2B appointment setting allows you to increase your team’s prospecting performance without having to hire additional staff:

  • More capacity
  • New skills
  • Tools you may not have in house

In addition, often companies like Reexia are open to payment schemes with reward on result (such as a fixed base plus additional fees per scheduled appointment). This allows your company to benefit from complete expertise while minimising initial investments.

How do Appointment Setting Companies work?


The first step will be for your business partner to fully understand your business, its market and its products and services in order to establish the targeting criteria. In most cases, companies will ask you details on:

  • your experience
  • Your current customers
  • A review of your competition


Once the company has collected the necessary information to establish the targeting criteria, they will create an appropriate approach to contact the targets and make them want to discover your company and your services and therefore schedule an appointment.

Setting appointments

Some agencies will stop at arranging appointments and it will be up to you to prepare your presentation. Others, like Reexia, accompany you and participate in the meeting, giving a team dynamic to the process and facilitating your task.

How to choose a B2b Appointment Setting Company?

The most important thing in selecting a business partner is their market experience and the performance of their process.

They must be interested in your market and also understand the benefits of your products or services. This is especially important if you work in a niche industry as it will give them the opportunity to put themselves in your customers’ shoes and identify them more easily.

B2B lead generation and appointment setting services

If you are looking for a B2B appointment setting partner to support you in your business development, Reexia specialises in outsourced technical sales – our team can help you define your lead generation and appointment setting strategy.  Contact us