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10 Characteristics of Top Performing Salespeople

Top Performing Salespeople - shaking hands and displaying confidence

Anyone involved in B2B Selling should aspire to be among the top performers in the industry, the ones who win deals, exceed targets and achieve the highest revenue.

What are the characteristics that distinguish average salespeople from top performers in B2B sales?

In this article, we share with you the main characteristics and skills that allow Top Performing Salespeople to crush their numbers consistently…

They know their products, Market and Customers

A good salesperson perfectly knows the characteristics and benefits of their products or services, the market in which they operate, the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors as well as their customers (history of the commercial relationship, needs, budgets, selection criteria, etc.)

They are Organised and Methodical

To be successful in sales over time, it is necessary to organise your time, prospecting activities and anticipate the unforeseen. Top Performers don’t leave their success to chance. They know how to prioritise profitable activities.

Learning to master CRM tools is essential to be at the top of the game.

They are Honest

B2B selling these days is more about Consulting and building long-term relationships with your customers. Honesty is a basic ingredient for building trust and being recognised as a stable and credible individual.

They are empathetic

Likewise, empathy is an important quality in building business relationships. The most successful Salespeople know that being able to understand the emotional state of their customers is essential to offer them the right solution and also reinforce the feeling of trust.

They can work under pressure

Customer relations are often a source of stress and pressure:

Prospecting, making appointments, difficult business negotiations, risk of losing a large customer, etc.

Being able to take a step back and navigate through the difficulties in a factual way without being overwhelmed by emotions is essential to being a successful Salesperson.

They are Optimistic

Being a salesperson means hearing ‘no’ a lot, being on the front line in difficult times and yet having to look enthusiastic in all circumstances.

Top salespeople know that a ‘no’ brings them closer to a ‘yes’.

They know perseverance and patience pay

In B2B, sales cycles are generally longer, buyers need to analyse, compare, negotiate.

Many business deals require multiple appointments and phone calls, so patience and persistence are required. Not to mention that your first meeting may very well be at a time when your prospect has no need…

They know how to listen

Being able to listen allows salespeople to effectively consult with their customers and correctly diagnose the problem they are trying to solve.

Top performers work like doctors and listen attentively to their clients, know how to ask the right questions, and don’t jump to conclusions.

They know how to mobilise internal and external resources

There are times where the Salespeople need to coordinate other resources in or outside their company. Liaise with other departments, contractors etc.

They know when to let go

At the end of the day, a salesperson’s job is to bring in revenue. It’s easy to get distracted by prospects with no potential and not spending enough time developing a key account.

Top Salespeople know how to identify the opportunities that most deserve their time and when to let go on lost or dead business.

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