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4 Reasons Why You Need to Find a Business Mentor

Man mentoring a Younger women on her entrepreneur Journey

Why find a Business mentor? If you’ve ever embarked on the adventure of starting and running a business, you’ve probably encountered some difficulties or concerns that your friends and family have probably never faced.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely road.

Both professionally and personally, people have already gone through these difficulties specific to entrepreneurship and can help you see more clearly in your project.

In this article, we share with you 4 reasons to find a mentor.

Experience sharing

A mentor is above all an experienced person. Ideally, he or she has already accomplished something similar to what you are seeking to do through your project and is able to walk you through part of your journey from their own experience.

For example, having practiced Bodybuilding for over 15 years, I am able to quickly see which new gym members will drop out and why. If they asked me for advice, it would greatly increase their chances of success.

This analogy is perfectly valid for all stages of business creation and management: Creation, development, hiring, fundraising, listing etc. An experienced mentor can save you a lot of time and avoid costly mistakes.

Brings you an additional point of view

Having someone more experienced than you to check your work and just give you outside advice can make your work more valuable. What does your mentor think of your growth strategy? About your business proposal or your preparation for the next Board meeting?

Helps you develop your network

Your mentor is someone with whom you build mutual and professional trust. This person also has their professional network that they have developed throughout their career. It is common in a relationship of trust that they recommend you or introduces you to a certain member of their network who could become your customers or help you in another way.

Helps you stay motivated

Business management has its ups and downs and, as mentioned above, is a lonely road. Having someone around you who can actually understand you can help keep you motivated and focused.

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