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Why are paid ads crucial for your business?

The world of marketing has changed a lot over the past  decade and the Internet has become one of the most effective channels for paid advertising.

All organisations, no matter their size or type have one thing in common:

They are looking for leads that are interested and ready to buy their products or services. In other words, people who want exactly what they have to offer.

In the past, organisations would advertise on specific magazines or other channels that allowed them to reach large numbers of people in the hope that some of them would be actual leads for their business. The profitability of the operation would then become a key factor in the continuation of the campaign.

I started digital marketing about 8 years ago when I launched my first company. It was a cooking activity based in the Caribbean. My campaign included – £500 for a magazine article, an additional £500 on local radio, signage and partnerships; none of these usual channels turned out to be profitable and my business at the time couldn’t afford to keep them going in hope to finally seeing results.

Why weren’t these channels effective for my business? Because my strategy was missing a fundamental aspect – targeting.

I was, in fact, paying for a large exposure, but to an audience that wasn’t interested in my services.

So how did I use online marketing to my advantage? Let me reveal 3 reasons why you should consider online marketing for your business.

Digital marketing helps you know your Market better

E-platforms (including social networks) are databanks, with different targeting options and precision depending on the media used. When you run an ad on these platforms, you receive information about the individuals who click through your ad, such as their age, location, interests, language, job title etc.

Imagine the following scenario: Your company sells cleaning services. Who are your customers? You might rightly think that these are people with a good financial situation, maybe one or more children. What if they were singles with evening commitments such as classes? What about businesses?

Online marketing would allow you to start from your broad assumptions and narrow the list down to very specific criteria.

Online marketing can be very cost-effective (when done right)

If you understand the principle above, online marketing gives you the opportunity to display an ad to someone interested in your product. As such, you are paying to advertise to a pool of potential leads.

Additionally, the information you can generate from these platforms will help you understand how to optimise your marketing message and increase your conversion rate. Contact us

Note: The power of online marketing is targeting. When done incorrectly, these channels can be costly.

Digital marketing brings leads to your website.

Many companies have now understood the importance of having a website. A website gives you a presence on the web, allows you to talk about your offer very precisely and inexpensively, and it allows visitors to contact you.

But what’s the point if nobody visits your website?

From an online marketing perspective, your website is a way to convert a flow of traffic into direct contact. It will ideally filter traffic and only lead through the contacts that are important to your business.

Paid ads, if done correctly, will provide a pre-filtered traffic flow. In other words, online marketing gives visibility to your business.

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