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5 Best things to do During the Summer Sales Slump

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Whether you’re prepared for it or not, the Summer Sales Slump is a reality for many businesses, especially those operating in B2B.

With school closings and family holidays, as well as the annual shutdowns of many businesses, it’s easy to see why the rate of sales closings naturally decreases during the summer months.

However, summer should not be a time of inactivity if you don’t want to face the Summer Sales Slump.

In this article, we share with you 5 things to do in the summer if you are running a sales department.

Increase your prospecting activities

If you have the resources in-house, it is recommended that you focus on the top of your sales funnel: lead generation.

Indeed, the slowdown in activities during the summer periods means that your customers and the decision makers who decide on your current projects are less active. Between their own holidays and the coverage of absent colleagues, the period is less conducive to decision-making. However, this is a good enough reason for you do not complete your customer prospecting database, calling receptions to identify the right contacts, etc.

Work on your strategy

Take the time to analyse the market, your competitors and work on your offer. Is Your Lead Generation Strategy Right? Need to consult with your marketing agency?

Take advantage of the slowdown

Less activity in office and fewer interruptions allow you to focus on tasks that you may not have time for busier periods. Organise your work, update your CRM data, plan the progress of your deals or take care of your social networks.

Reconnect with your customers

With less tension in the air, summer can also allow you to reconnect with your customers on a more personal level. As noted above, summer is a good time to develop relationships in a way that is a little more relaxed.

Offer to meet your customers for a meal or a drink as an example.

Focus on training

The summer period leaves you more time to devote to personal development and training your teams. The opportunity to get together as a team, to attend seminars or to organize training sessions via external services.

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