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Outsourced Sales Development Representatives

Accelerating your Sales Success.

Outsourced Sales development representatives :

Are you looking to build a sales team but don’t necessarily have the business structure to hire, train and manage them? You’re not alone.

Many companies today seek to at least partially outsource their sales function and tend to retain only the critical and technical aspects of their sales operations. Lead generation and business development are key to the success of any B2B organization, but it takes skill, rigour, and management to be successful – we often call this doing “the heavy lifting”.

If you are looking for a fully dedicated Sales Development Representative to support your growth, our outsourced sales development representatives services are exactly what you are looking for.

Managed SDR for Sales Success

What are Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)?

A Sales Development Representative is a is a specialised role in a Sales Team that focuses on generating new leads and opportunities for the business.

SDRs work closely with the rest of the Sales and Marketing Department and consistently conduct outbound prospecting activities such as Cold calling, Email Outreach and social media selling. Their main objectives is to qualify leads and identify potential customers who are interested in the product or services offered by the company.

Benefit of Outsourcing SDRs

  • Cost-Effective solution

Outsourcing SDRs eliminates the need for recruiting, training and managing an in-house team. By outsourcing, businesses can save on expenses such as salaries, benefits, office space and equipment.

  • Access to Specialised expertise

Outsourcing SDRs provides access to a pool of specialised expertise. We have extensive experience in Sales Development and can provide skilled professionals who are proficient in lead generation, prospecting and qualification.

  • Scalability and flexibility

Outsourcing allows your business to scale your SDR function up or down based on your need or circumstances. Whether there is a need to quickly expand the sales team during busy periods or downsize during slower times, outsourcing provides the flexibility to adjust SDR resources accordingly.

  • Management and Support Functions

Reexia provides effective management support and support functions (such as market research) for our SDRs. We handle tasks such as performance monitoring, coaching, training, and reporting allowing you to focus on your core activity rather than managing your SDR team.

Why Choose our Outsourced SDR Services

Reexia offers different sales packages to suit every business needs. From lead generation and appointment setting to fully dedicated SDRs, we have an option that addresses your needs and meet your budget.

Our outsourced SDR solution is particularly suited to businesses that know exactly what they need in terms of input and are looking to grow their sales team.

How it works – Step-by-step Process

Whether you need one or multiple SDRs, the onboarding process typically involves several steps:

1) Primary Meeting – you will meet with our Sales Manager to agree on the scope and objectives of the campaign.

2) Supporting materials – we may need commercials and materials from you (such as presentations or brochures) – if you don’t have these, our creative team can design them for you. You may also need to provide an email address for the SDR(s)

3) Training – In most cases, training may be required to ensure the SDR is up to date on your company’s information, products or services – the length of training will depend on the complexity of your offering and the support that you are able to provide in the first few months.

4) Bi-Weekly Review – Once the campaign is launched, we will encourage regular reviews with you and the team (ideally every two weeks). This will keep all parties involved and engaged to maximize campaign performance.

Are you looking to build a Sales Team?

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