Facilitation of Communication.

REEXIA ensures your company optimises its chance of success on the international scene.

Take care of your Foreign Customers.

Did you know that it is 5 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to develop an existing one? Business Development is not only about finding new customers, but also about maximising business with existing clients.

Developing customer accounts goes directly through the level of service and support provided. Our multilingual team allows you to give your customers the attention they deserve and facilitates working relationships with your foreign customers.

International Project Management Support

Effective communication is key to the success of a project. 

When projects involve multiple parties and key individuals that don’t share the same language and culture, communication represents a risky challenge. Understanding the needs, being able to adapt to change, reporting to stakeholders or managing the teams, all these activities can lead to project failure if they are handled badly.

Our experienced multi-cultural project managers provide you with the expertise you need and support you in every aspect of project management enabling your teams to focus on their core competences.

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Overseas Business Relationships management

Maintaining a high level of support is primordial to developing an account and generating further and safer business.

Whilst REEXIA can help you to generate new clients, we also support all your post sale customer support needs. As experts, we know that while the right offer may convert potential prospects into customers, it is a good relationship that retains them.

With our after-sales support services, REEXIA ensures your foreign or domestic partners are in safe hands and remain satisfied.

Facilitation of communication

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