Virtual receptionist.

Your point of contact for your company, in France.

Receptionist and Answering services

 Your company’s first solid foundation to establish a local presence in France and/or in the UK: when it comes to having a great start with your foreign clients, great service is everything.  This is why  our Virtual Receptionist service is just what you need to take your business to the next level. 


Having a local Landline and somebody available to answer the phone in your clients preferred language is essential to win their trust and get them to call your business. Additionally, if your company trades on a competitive market, you can’t afford to fight your local competitors with an linguistic disadvantage.

How does it work?

1. We assign a unique local Landline Number to your company. You can publish this telephone number on all your supports with the guaranty that somebody will be there to answer the phone on your behalf and in your clients’ native language.

2. We answer the calls in your name and gather all necessary information such as caller’s name, company, purpose, a summary of conversation and caller’s request.

3. Our company based system sets the baseline of information the receptionists need to collect and sends you at the end of each call a detailed summary. Alternatively, you can combine our receptionist service with our sales support service.



Monthly subscription

£ 160 + VAT

Incoming call answering

£0.50 + VAT/min

Imagine the opportunities you would create for your business by simply having a local point of contact …

Our pricing plan is based on a monthly fee and a fee/min.

Possibility to cap call answering.

We answer the phone on your behalf in French.

Immediate reporting

✓ Improved customer experience.

New opportunities for your business.

Gives you an immediate international presence.

Improve your chances to be contacted by a French customer.

If you are ready to grow your international presence and your business with us, let’s get started and contact our team today!